On 05/10/2010 05:09 PM, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> Wow, this is great! Both ION GNSS 2010 *and* DCC are going to be in
> Portland this fall. We're just a hotbed of coolness.

How's them apples? They are adjacent, only overlapping on one day (ION
GNSS 21-24 Sep, DCC 24-26 Sep).

I see ION is professional and $900, a bit steep for me. The cost for DCC
seems to be a secret but it is for people serious about noncommercial
radio experimentation, like us. In 2007 the DCC two-day conference was
$70, so I'm guessing it will be on the rough order of $100. I don't
expect the TAPR folks to respond to my queries until they get back next
week from Dayton Hamvention.

> Let's chat right after the 5/23 launch about both attending and
> getting some papers in. That would be great fun.

Sweet. That gives me more time to get caught up on work.

> And, for the record, yes, you should start showing up again ;)

Due to other commitments, odds are long I can get to the 5/23 launch,
but you never know, if other things don't happen that weekend it could
become possible for me. I'm snowed under with work right now, but by
mid-June I can probably get back into showing up at meetings.

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