> A first version of the breakout boards for the accelerometer and
> gyro are done and pushed....


> though I probably should have looked before I designed because ST has
> a demo board for the accelerometer (STEVAL-MKI092V1, 
> http://search.digikey.com/scripts/DkSearch/dksus.dll?Detail&name=497-10523-ND).

Ha! Well, let's purchase that since it's soldered up and ready for us to
use, but let's run the gyro board.

> Also the magnetometer breakout board is on track to be here early next
> week. Should we be beginning to think about buying parts?

Yes! We should purchase parts for all of these boards. ASAP so we have
them next week. Go ahead and put together a parts order, if you don't mind.

Note that we essentially have all of the 0603 resistors and capacitors,
so unless it's a particularly odd value, don't bother ordering those. We
also have the 0805 10 uF caps.

David's idea for a dorkbot group order is a good one - if it's going out
soon, like the next four days, go for it. Else, we'll do our own group
parts order, since I want some stuff from Dig-ikey myself.



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