On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 01:38:59PM -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> Note that we essentially have all of the 0603 resistors and capacitors,
> so unless it's a particularly odd value, don't bother ordering those. We
> also have the 0805 10 uF caps.

Note that DorkBot has a free parts box filled with reels of random 0603 and
0805 jellybeans.  Just show up at a meeting and dig.

> David's idea for a dorkbot group order is a good one - if it's going out
> soon, like the next four days, go for it. Else, we'll do our own group
> parts order, since I want some stuff from Dig-ikey myself.

FYI, the DorkBot group order should be going out Monday the 9th, for
delivery at the meeting on Monday the 16th.
Also, the PSU IEEE Student Branch does group orders.

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