On 08/14/2010 06:16 PM, Jeremy Booth wrote:
If I'm reading that right, the chip select for the LCD is SSEL0
(P1.21/PWM1.3/SSEL0 - pin 50) and if you de-assert that, the LCD should no
longer respond to the SPI bus.  You should be able to add several things to
SPI0 if you are so inclined, and assert their chip selects as appropriate.

I think that's right. On the LPCs, you can set each pin's function individually. So even though P50 can be connected to SSEL0, you don't have to hook it up there (through the Pin Connect Block). You could leave it as P1.21, and when you want to SPI to the LCD, just wiggle P1.21 before you send bytes to the SPI peripheral. If you want to talk to something else, leave P1.21 high and take a different GPIO, which you've connected to ~CS on that something else, and make it low.

The header pin configuration looks odd though.  Maybe it's not pinned out
for SPI0?

Dunno, I don't know what board you're using (Olimex development board or PSAS special?) I'm looking forward to seeing it next Tuesday...
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