Well, it was an exciting night. Err, morning. Wait, uh, both.

Naga and Walter and I put together the GFE's SPS circuit right after the
PSAS meeting this last evening. We had some trouble soldering up the 0.5
mm pitch DFN ICs - we toasted two, but the third one was the charm. I
think it was a solder short on the first, and probably over heating on
the second. Reducing the amount of solder by a whole lot seemed to help.

After getting the SPS to work, I soldered on and brought up the HAP,
complete with LiPo battery.

Although it still needs characterization and testing (and some design
changes, I think), the whole front end works, from rocketbus connector
to 5V -> Battery -> HAP 3.3 V.

On to the microcontroller!


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