So, the FC breakout board has been hax0red a bit more and is now ready
for prime time use: it powers up, for example, and you can't get the
serial port connections backwards anymore :)

There are three embedded programming tasks I'd love done on the FC:

1. Write some code to flash the 8x red LEDs and the 1x RGB LED. Should
be simple: configure the GPIO pins on the MPC5200 to be ouputs, write to
the output register, and flash away.

2. Turn on the MPC5200's secondary USB port. We already know that the
primary USB port works on the FC, but the secondary USB port is not
turned on by default. This may be harder: you'll have to configure the
pins, make sure the ethernet port that's using those pins isn't using
them anymore, turn on the USB port, and then see if you can talk to
something on that second port.

3. Turn on the MPC5200's CAN peripheral and get Linux driver for it up
and running. Get the MPC5200 to talk CAN.

If you or someone you know is interested, please have them contact me
ASAP. I'd like to start this tasks up in the next few days and get them
done in a few weeks.



Andrew Greenberg

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