Hi everyone,


Jason, K, Dan, and I met Friday afternoon and did a bit of debugging on
the CAN system of the GFE. Turns out our problems were bad CAN timing -
once we fixed that, it worked great.

We have one more agenda item: fixing clock synchronization. I plan on
doing that hopefully Tuesday morning, at which point we're ready to
build up the rest of the GFE boards! We'll schedule a build party
Tuesday evening.


Dan, pushing hard to Actually Get Things Done, suggested that we fire
off our 3 axis magnetometer, 3 axis accelerometer, and 2 axis gyro
breakout boards even if they're not the absolutely latest and greatest
chips. I have to agree with him, so I'll be firing off those boards
tonight and tomorrow. This means we'll have GFE boards AND sensors in
the next few weeks, which is pretty darn cool.


No one has yet stepped up to the plate and offered to help get the
flight computer's "board support package" up and running. In particular,
this means getting the LEDs to blink and enabling the secondary USB port
on the chip. If anyone could help out here, please come Tuesday and we
can hand off the FC to you.

See you Tuesday!


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
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