I've managed to set up a wifi connection between USB Wifi adapters on
the flight computer and on my laptop, and pass packets in both
directions.  I used the same .config supplied in my previous
mail about GPIO LEDs, and built-in the ar9170.fw firmware expected by
the driver.  To configure an ad-hoc network, I had to run "iwconfig
wlan0 mode Ad-Hoc" *before* bringing up the interface, then bring up the
interface with "ifconfig wlan0 up", then configure the essid with
"iwconfig wlan0 essid psas-fc-test", and finally set a static IP address
with "ifconfig wlan0 netmask".  I could then
ping the other end on my laptop (for which NetworkManager created a
network for me).  You can change the various values to taste.

- Josh Triplett

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