Just a couple of notes on the video,

I tried the on-board DVR with camera running, but no SD card in place. It did NOT start recording. I.e., the red LED didn't come on. Only the green LED (camera present) appears. So the SD card must have been in place when the DVR was turned on on the launch pad.

I'm still (low priority) trying to find any video that might have been recorded by the DVR during the launch.

If there's a spare USB port on the FC hub, it can connect to the video overlay board via an FTDI serial adaptor. A connector is already on the board. Anyone want to write some live video overlay code?


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Just a quick update for tonight's meeting, which I can't make :(

1. We added the SMSC hub chip dev board to the avionics module. This 7
port hub will be good for the GPS FTDI serial adapter, the USB wifi
adapter, and then n number of GFEs. We've easily got room for one, and
possibly two, GFEs.

2. Sensor board PCBs should have come in - these are Theo's boards for
the Mag, acc, and gyro. We'll stuff these boards, but it may make sense
to see if we can get one Analog Device's trick IMU modules and use that
as a *complete* solution. See


3. Friday morning, 8am - noon, we'll be at NW EMC to characterize the
patch antennas. Anyone is welcome, but please coordinate directly with
me if you're coming.

We have a lot of other things engineery-things to go over, which we'll
do Tuesday, including requirements for the next FC (the one after the
PPC), a bit of a discussion on system architecture, etc.

See you then!


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