Hi Frank!

> I tried the on-board DVR with camera running, but no SD card in place. 
> It did NOT start recording.

Really! OK, then apparently either the ground team didn't actually see
the red light, or more likely, the card popped out soon after they
turned on recording.

> I'm still (low priority) trying to find any video that might have been
> recorded by the DVR during the launch.

That's great, although I really doubt you'll find anything... that
disktest utility we ran is pretty thorough.
> If there's a spare USB port on the FC hub, it can connect to the video
> overlay board via an FTDI serial adaptor.  A connector is already on the
> board.  Anyone want to write some live video overlay code?

That's cool! Let's wire it up, and if we get the code, we can run with
that. Else we can revert to the usual pre-programmed overlay at the last


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