Hi everyone!

We tested our antennas at NW EMC on Friday morning; it went very well.


The first thing we found is that our antennas are all about 3% too low
on resonant frequency. Not terrible, but much worse than the 0.1% we
were aiming for. This is probably due to the new UHMW PE batch that we
have. Now we know.

Propagation wasn't as good as the last batch: we're about  -4 to -5 dBi,
which is about the same amount below the last batch. We think this is
some kind of mistake in our new CPA design, which we'll investigate and
try to fix before our launches in 2012.

So: they do work, just not great :)

Glenn, Jen, Nathan, K: please feel free to add comments.


Andrew Greenberg

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