Hey, let's try that again!

Glenn, Jamey, K and I played around with the CPAs in the PSU emag lab:


Conclusion: we're good to go on the WiFi antenna, and we're going to try
to "Xacto-tune" the GPS and ATV antennas, probably next Friday.

We also worked on the FC back at the PSBA afterwards, and the FC now
talks to the new 7 port hub. We tried a USB flash drive and the WiFi
adapter, and everything seemed very stable. We didn't manage to set up a
WiFi network despite Josh's help, so we'll try that Tuesday.

Next on the agenda: fix The GPS, and 5 GFEs, one of which will go on the
rocket. Oh, and solder up the IMU PCBs - looks like we're not getting a
sample of Analog Device's ADIS16407 IMU. :)


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