Hi Naga,

> I come across this term so many times: "Board bring up", almost in every
> job posting. Can someone please shed some light on it ? Did we do bring
> up on 2378s and 2368s ? If bring up was done, how was it done ?

First you take a large enough helium balloon....

"Bringing the board up" really just means taking it from "just built" to
fully up and running. It usually means:

- Getting the board
- Getting the toolchain working
- Powering up the board for the first time
- Trying a "hello world" program (e.g., blinky light), or depending on
the board, installing an OS on the board.
- Trying each part of the circuit out to make sure it works

.. and then at that point, you transition from "bringing the board up"
to what you're really supposed to do - working on the application for
that board..


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