> Linux has numerous drivers for non-ACPI batteries, and I think we'd have
> a much easier time just using (or if necessary hacking on) such a driver
> rather than attempting to shoehorn the details into ACPI, particularly
> since we don't get to write the BIOS for that board.

Interesting! OK, so screw ACPI, we'll just talk to the battery directly.
Seems OK. Can the regular Linux power infrastructure use these drivers,
or do we have to write our own? I'm trying to avoid writing a lot of
code for this.

> Take a look at the "sbs-battery" driver (CONFIG_BATTERY_SBS), which
> might do what we want; it talks to a battery directly using i2c, without
> using ACPI.

OK, I'll give this a try and fail, and then whine at you, Jamey, or Dave.

> I can certainly take a look at the problem in more detail in a couple of
> weeks. :)

Good luck with that, and yes, if we're not past this by then, that would
be great.


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