On Wed, Feb 08, 2012 at 12:11:25PM -0800, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> > Linux has numerous drivers for non-ACPI batteries, and I think we'd have
> > a much easier time just using (or if necessary hacking on) such a driver
> > rather than attempting to shoehorn the details into ACPI, particularly
> > since we don't get to write the BIOS for that board.
> Interesting! OK, so screw ACPI, we'll just talk to the battery directly.
> Seems OK. Can the regular Linux power infrastructure use these drivers,
> or do we have to write our own? I'm trying to avoid writing a lot of
> code for this.

As far as I know they should show up the same way ACPI batteries show
up: under /sys/class/power_supply/ .  You'd have to go out of your way
to tell the difference.

(I don't want to rule out the ACPI approach entirely, I just strongly
suspect it will prove much more difficult.)

- Josh Triplett

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