OK, based on the leads from Keith, Kenny and Marius (thanks you all!), I
did more digging. Everyone owes me 2-3 hours of my life back 'cause I
had to read the entire BQ3060 technical manual which just about killed me.

And yes, buried in the documentation, it says the BQ3060 can indeed send
automated charger configuration messages. You just have to turn them on
and set roughly 16 gzillion different parameters. Although it's possible
the default values are sane, they've got to be checked. So next Tuesday
let's descend into madness and configure the flash on the BQ3060. Should
only take a few hours... or 10s of hours... or days...

Last Tuesday, Josh and Jamey got the linux SBS system to grab data from
the BQ3060, so after a demonstration of automatic charging on Tuesday, I
think we can say we've won with this setup, and we can proceed to mount
it for flight.


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