The Model B Pi could work because it has 2 USB ports. We don't want to add an 
additional USB hub into the mix.
I think having them arrive in July is too tight because I'd like to have the 
fully gunctional system ready to go in June - but if someone else has a model B 
they'd be willing to provide - it could work out. We can also buy it from you 
or replace it when a new batch is available.
Does anyone have a strong feeling about BeagleBoards? I just found one in my 
stuff but I never used it for anything embedded - just as a micro-web-server 
for about a week.
- Richard

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I have a dozen Pi's scheduled to arrive in July.  If this isn't too
close to launch date, then I would be happy to commit one for PSAS use.
This is of course assuming that it would meet the needs of the

On Tue, 2012-05-08 at 14:15 -0700, Kevin Vilbig wrote: 
> The Pi is only doing 4000 unit manufacturing runs and the demand is
> really high so they might be a bit tough to get ahold of.
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