Hi Andrew,

Here is my thinking:

Assume: LPC2368 in the 100 pin LQFP.
Assume: ADIS16405BMLZ

LPC23xx User Manual Rev 3 (25 August) p116
(rev B) page 8

LPC23xx (ADIS)         LPC2368 PIN    ADIS PIN*
SCK     (SCK)               62           3
SSEL    (_CS)               63           6
MISO    (DOUT)              61           4
MOSI    (DIN)               60           5

* see page 8 of ADIS datasheet for diagram

Caveat: LPC Slave mode:
    "The open drain SPI option is not implemented in this design. When a
    is set up to be a slave, its I/Os are only active when it is
selected by the
    SSEL signal being active."

    Since we will run the ADIS with the LPC in master mode, I don't
think this is an issue.

Caveat: Can someone please check the semantics of the MISO/MOSI
assignment above?


Thanks for building a shiny board for us!


On 05/12/2012 09:34 AM, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
> K, Markus, & everyone else who might be thinking about the ADIS GFE:
> I'm putting together a litle board tonight to interface them to the GFE.
> It just turns out there's no good way to do it without a board. Any
> suggestions for which pins to use on the LPC?
> Thanks,
> Andrew

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