Hello All,

After many ridiculous hours of trying to get the BeagleBoard, Debian, and 
Phidgets to play nicely together - we have success. I have developed a complete 
step-by-step of everything done (including the many weird things not included 
on any guide i found) and will put that up on the wiki before too long. I also 
have backed up the microSD card so i don't have to start over from scratch 
again (which by last count I did a total of 17 times).
I am currently able to SSH into the BeagleBoard over my network and read sensor 
data off of the Phidgets temperature sensor I have attached to it.
I am now playing with the API to write my own program and control interface. 
I'm also looking at the various ways we can get data in and out to pick the 
best one for the project.
- Richard W.
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