Hi! So I've been chatting with a fellow from a South Korean robotics
team and he says that we may be in for some disturbing fun. Hopefully
that's not true - Dave or Dan, can you point to the Linux drivers for
our current CAN board?


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Subject:        [RE]Re: Your Atom FC and the PCM-3680i CAN card
Date:   Wed, 27 Jun 2012 11:33:02 +0900 (KST)

Thanks for your speedy reply Andrew.

If it's of any interest, I got the PCM-3680 ISA card working on a 2.6
Xenomai Kernel, using the realtime version of the Socket-CAN driver.

I found a post somewhere stating that the FPGA on the PCM-3680I PCI card
is not documented, and it's not used on different cards, so that may be
why it doesn't seem to have good Linux support.
We're talking about using a different PCI CAN card that has much better
Linux support, however the challenge can be fun!


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