As discussed in previous meetings and tonight, we have 5x STM32F407 eval
boards [1] on their way. Currently I've got one earmarked for Theo,
Dave, and K, with two more for others to play with and hack. They're
cheap, about $50/ea., so feel free to order your own if you want.

They're arriving Friday at the PSBA, and Theo should be around to
distribute them if you want to pick them up: please coordinate with him
to pick them up.

Theo, Dave, K: the critical path goal is to do a full Ethernet latency
check with the FC the first week of January, so we can confidently fire
on the ECE capstone and set the next direction of the next 6-9 months.


[1] https://www.olimex.com/Products/ARM/ST/STM32-E407/

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