Bob, Jamey and I got the KSZ8999 Ethernet switch to work with its usual
magnetics swapped out for capacitors. This was a big step forward, since
we were dubious it was going to work. Our test was laptop -> hacked
KSZ8999 EVM -> laptop, which really is only one way since both laptops
still had their magnetics. Of interest is that we had to turn
autonegotiation off on everything, including the testing laptop, to get
it to work correctly.

Note to the ECE capstone group: We need to make sure all ports have
autonegotiation disabled, speed set to 100 Mbps, and duplex set to full.

Next and final de-risking test: capacitively couple an STM32-E407 board
and have it talk to the capacitively coupled KSZ8999 EVM. If that works,
we know we're good to go.

I'm hoping we can do this sometime either Friday afternoon or Sunday
morning. We'll definitely need a STM32 firmware person there to help
out, so K, Ron, Clark or David - could you make it?



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