Hi everyone,

I met with the ECE capstone group today. They're going to have the
schematic complete by Tuesday evening, at which point we'll do a design
 review of the schematic. The week after, they hope to be done with more
than 90% of the layout. Go team go!

Also, I think I forgot to sent this update: our new magnetics seem to
really work. We have an STM32-e407 hacked with the new magnetics, and we
have the KSZ8999 Ethernet switch board hacked with the new magnetics.
You can plug them together, and (shockingly) it all works. Even MDX
works, so doesn't matter if you do cross-over cables or
straight-through. This was the thing the capstone team needed to green
light the schematic and proceed with layout.

More Tuesday,


Andrew Greenberg

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