K, Nathan, Theo and I hacked a little on the framework today and got the
foundation for the logging to disk and wifi done, as well as creating an
ADIS packet simulator. As of right now, the simulator cycles through about
30 lines of older ADIS logging entries and sends them as UDP "packets" --
more like "raw text" -- from a timer fd back into the framework.

For those interested, the simulator is in the module_adis_sim.c/.h files
and the test.miml file is setup to use this. If you want to run FCF without
it, just comment out the module in the test.miml file.

A list of some outstanding things that will need to be finished/polished
that I can see are:

[ADIS packet simulator]
- should use the packet form that will be used for launch
- should read from a csv file

- ensure logged entries can be parsed
- ensure logfile's name is unique before opening to write

- all IP addresses and ports should be placed into a single include file so
we don't have them hard-coded in the modules themselves.
- rework utils_sockets.c so that on each push of bundled packets, the port
and address don't need to run through htons() and inet_aton() each time.
Some clock cycles are wasted here.
- cleaning up code that is spaghetti'd

- test
- test
- test

I'll be working on as many of these I can this week.

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