The good news on Tuesday is that we ran the FCF on the actual flight
computer, and even recorded a log file!

I finally got to sit down today and try and read the data back out and
found this:

I didn't see any packet headers (only message headers), but that's
fine, I don't know where those get added, maybe only as it's dumped to


1.) The data all looked little-endian and I think we decided that
packets should be converted to network (big) endian before being sent.
So presumably we should log them this way too.

B.) The 6 byte time stamps were always all zeros.

iii.) The packet lengths seemed to all be exactly 1 byte longer than
they should be. For instance the MPL header looked like 'MPL3', 6 byte
timetamps (0's), 2 byte length (8), and then *9* bytes of data. It's
looked the same for the others as far as I could tell.

So, it's close to a valid logfile. Clearly there is some data there
but I can't quite read it with the tools we wrote because of above
issues. Can someone double check the message making code on the FC and
see if what I think the log file looks like makes sense with what was


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