Theo and I were working on the FCF this afternoon, and I'm trying to
get up to speed fast. I'm hacking away at it like wild, but don't be
scared we can rollback my dumb code, that's what git is for.  ;)

Anyway I suddenly remembered that psas has an IRC server.  I set up a
screen session with weechat logged in, so I'm "there" all the time

(default port, 6667)

join the room #psas

I also turned on IRC notifications in github, which is pretty cool.
Anytime someone makes a commit to one of the avionics repos github
will make a notification in the IRC room with the commit message.

So if anyone is working on stuff I recommend dropping in on the
channel so we can ask each other questions. Though any important
questions should really still go to the mailing list.

Hope to see people this weekend!!


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