Work continued today at PSU on the Flight Computer Framework (FCF).

Theo, Ian, and myself worked on it all afternoon. Ian got a lot of the
old GPS reader code ported and Theo did a large re-factoring and
constancy-ing of the names in the framework.

Theo had to run and catch a train, but I just got the current version
moved over the FCF to test it on real hardware, about 5 minutes ago.

Bad news is something isn't working with the GPS reading, not sure
what but it segfaulted unless I unplugged the GPS.

Good news: End to end data flow is more or less established!

I logged into the raspberry pi and ran the quick and dirty python
packet reader and low and behold flight computer packets were showing
up over wireless!

There are still some issues with the data format, I think the
endianess of the data being transmitted from the ADIS is wrong in
places. I haven't actually looked at the data yet, but at least
**something** is there. So sensors->FC->wireless->ground is working!

Also of note: both logfiles that got created on the FC and the
raspberry pi look the same at first glance!


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