This is not a bad idea and one I was considering advocating for.  Since
the air-to-ground is 5.8GHz Ad-Hoc and the ground station is 2.4GHz
Master, I'm not aware of any potential for conflict.  Even in the same
frequency range, Ad-Hoc and Master networks with matching ESSID and
BSSID should play nicely together.

So I agree that it would be cleaner to be more explicit with the naming,
but maybe we should let it slide for the next couple days since everyone
is already configured and ready with the present SSID naming.

On Thu, 2013-06-27 at 16:01 -0700, Nathan Bergey wrote:
> Hey,
> We ended up making the ground systems SSID the same as the
> air-to-ground. This seems bad, they are two different systems.
> Because the rocket is already set up and working with the trackmaster,
> lets change the ground to 'psas-ground'. I think we only have to
> change the wlan0 line in /etc/network/interfaces on the LTC.
> -Nathan
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