K Wilson <kwilson...@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> I've added instructions for installing the
> cross compiler we will be using for ARM firmware
> development to this page:

I've got an arm cross compiler packaged (both binutils and gcc) for
Debian and uploaded to the new queue. The GCC package is based on the
Debian GCC 4.8.1 sources with a small (400 line) patch from Linaro that
adds support for the cortex-m series.

        deb     http://keithp.com/archive/ unstable/
        deb-src http://keithp.com/archive/ unstable/

This was done in conjunction with both the Debian GCC team and the
Linaro developers.

I've also got pdclib built and packaged for the same environment, which
I found a bit simpler to deal with than newlib.


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