Howdy Linux experts. I am going to be running long-distance antenna tests with 
the PSAS rocket patch antenna and a directional receive antenna. I'm looking to 
operate 802.11 up to 100km in these tests. More details on the experiment will 
be forthcoming as I'd love to get some others involved for the actual tests.
My current computer setup is Debian 7.2 i386 32-bit with the Alpha Networks 
AWUS051NH usb wireless cards we use already on the rocket.
What I need to figure out now is two-fold:
a good method for controlling and quickly switching the modes on the AWUS051NH. 
During testing I would like to be able to switch between channels, modes, 
encoding (802.11b or g) and power levels (on amps) automatically (or easily). 
This will allow me to test many configurations at various transmit levels in a 
short time.

recommendations for software to analyze the signals and data transfer. As I 
cycle through these various modes I want to capture the transfer speed and bit 
error rate. As I get really far away I want to determine the minimum transmit 
power and its resulting maximum transfer rate and error-rate.
I appreciate any advice you can provide. I don't use Linux a lot so appreciate 
any simplification you can do for me :-). I'm happy to follow tutorials if you 
can point me to any to achieve what I need.
Richard Witherspoon
c: 503-320-7730
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