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I've tried to answer some of your questions below:

On 01/19/2014 12:37 PM, Rob Gaskell wrote:
> K, Theo, Andrew, etc.,
> First, which project would you guys recommend as a starting point for 
> RocketTracks (RTx)? I'll need
> to both communicate between STM32-based modules and at least support future 
> communication with a
> laptop. My first step is the get two dev boards talking over enet. I'm 
> assuming UDP only unless
> someone talks me out of it.

UDP is what we've been using for the
Avionics system.

Example starting points:
Please look at Theo's adisdev branch in the stm32 repo:
Something like (assuming you are on master branch):
 git fetch
 git branch --track theoadis origin/adisdev
 git checkout theoadis

In projects/flight-rnh/main.c see two functions:

I think these give you a good idea of how to set up for using
the ethernet interface using lwip.

> It seems the projects all use an FTDI serial interface rather than USB for 
> shell support. I intend
> to use the shell for development only- and I've used FTDI chips (designed 
> them into hardware) but
> never an FTDI cable straight to a UART- is this the way to go or should we 
> just use the USB
> peripheral like I planned?

You may use either one. Since carrying around YetAnotherCable(tm)
is annoying, you maybe should use the usb connector.

In common/devices/usbdetail.c please see:

and in your code declare a pointer like this:
 BaseSequentialStream *chp = getActiveUsbSerialStream();

And then you should be using the usb interface for
your serial shell. (Look for a /dev/ttyACM... device
when connected.)

For an example look on master branch, project/flight-imu/sensor_mpu.c.

 76 #ifdef  DEBUG_SENSOR_MPU
 77     BaseSequentialStream *chp =  getActiveUsbSerialStream();
 78     static uint16_t     count = 0;
 80     ++count;
 81     if (count > 2000) {
 82                 chprintf(chp, "\r\n*** MPU9150 ***\r\n");
 83                 chprintf(chp, "raw_temp: %d C\r\n",


 88 #endif


Hope this helps,

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