> It seems the projects all use an FTDI serial interface rather than USB
> for shell support.

Nah, we've given up on the FTDI cables. I agree with K: it's 2014, so
our microcontrollers all have built-in USB devices, so just use those.
On the Olimex, it's a USB Mini B and on our future Node6 boards it's a
USB micro B connector.

> Andrew, take note: Ethernet switches- on-board or off-the-shelf?

1) Onboard is way cooler, but *tons* of work. Especially if there's PoE

2) OTS is bigger, bulkier, more likely to have crappy connectors, but
Just Works(tm). Also, like you say, we can just get PoE switches.

So, it's up to you guys, but I'd recommend (2) with some modifications
to make the OTS hardware more reliable. Modifications should include
cable strapping down connectors, strain relief on cables, dust covers if
necessary, etc.


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