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> Dean and I were talking about trying to do the Council Crest to
> Rocky Butte shot tomorrow.

Oh! That was quick! I didn't realize you guys were even ready.

> We can really only do it if we have the equipment (tripods, amps,
> etc) and a few extra hands. 

We're not ready with the equipment.. we were kinda waiting on you guys
to get your scripts down before we grabbed your equipment and strapped
them down to things. Here's the todo list before we go out:

- Decide exactly what and how we want to test things. This should all be
carefully thought about and written down Tuesday evening. Basically, a
pre-lab writeup for what experiments we want to run. This will dictate
what equipment we'll need. We'll also want Richard's input on this.

- Gather up equipment, including tripods.

- Wire up, mostly temporarily, the wifi adapters, power amps, and 2.4
GHz antennas together. Also figure out how we're going to power all
these things for the several hours of testing.

Could you guys please work together with Richard to put a draft of that
writeup on the DxWiFi wiki before Tuesday night? That'd be helpful.


Andrew Greenberg

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