We are finally at the distance testing stage for the DXWiFi project.  Some of 
you have expresed interest in helping out and we would be gland to have the 
assistance.  Anyone who wants to see this in action is welcome to drop by on 
Sunday.  We are meeting at the rocket room at 10am and heading to  Council 
Crest and Rocky Butte.  

Here is a rough sketch of the game plan for Friday and Sunday.  

Test cabling RF amps.
Test power solutions. 
Tx/Rx test with all critical components.
Check for all required equipment.

10am meet up.
Inventory check, pack out. 
Set up, site survey and alignment.

The stations are capable of sending a constant identifiable packet stream that 
will allow us to get alignment and maxim signal strength.  At some point we 
will do a couple of site surveys to characterize the environment. Cameras are 
welcome as we'd like to get some decent looking photo to document the set up.

We intend to run the tests with a number of antenna configurations. Each test 
should take a few min.  

Also, anyone with a WiFi card that can be put in monitor mode a packet analyzer 
and a really good antenna may be able to pickup the signal.  

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