> I haven't yet dug too deeply into what's available from those sites.
> Appears to be a motley collection of third party attempts at creating
> various mechanical renderings (mostly 3-D) of the board.

Yeah, unfortunately those links are pretty sketchy. <rant> I'm actually
appalled at how unprofessional the the RP is. For something that's
supposed to be relatively open, they don't have good revision control,
they don't have good model numbering on their board, and there's
confusion everywhere on CAD data. It's awful. </rant>

Note that it's VERY difficult to tell if it's a rev 1 or rev 2 board,
and the model A/B thing seems to independent of the rev of the board,
although there's a lot of confusion on the interwebs about that. I
believe we have the "model b" revision 2, which is also "revision
2011.12". The particular feature to look for is the two mounting holes,
which the rev 1 didn't have.

> http://www.raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=4402

This is the most useful link, but I think it's on the first rev of the
RP, so I'm not sure it's actually still relevant. If "all they did" is
add holes to the second rev, then it's good, but I bet they moved a lot
of stuff around, possibly even very slightly.

I ordered two RP rev 2011.12 boards from AdaFruit, they'll be in by
Friday. Then we can measure everything, and verify that CAD.


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