Hi everyone!

First of all, I'm really sorry, PSAS email is STILL down. I'm SSH'd in to our 
server artisianally hand-crafting this email 
using jack hammers and vim. Yes, I'm using vim, and you know how much I hate 
vim. So if you need to get a hold of me, please 
use my other email addresses, such as andrew1602 at gmail. I'm not sure when 
mail will be back up, this should have been 
fixed a week ago.

Second of all, tomorrow is going to be complicated, so here's the current plan:

1) Andrew picks up the launch control table from Dave today or ungodly early 
tomorrow morning. The LC table has the Yaesu 
mobile radio and the nice sine wave inverter on it.

2) Sunday morning 8:30am,  Andrew picks up Glenn and his battery pack, 
directional antenna, and cable crimper.

3) Sunday morning 9:00am we meet with Dean and John in the rocket room, make a 
long RG-316 cable (the thin coax cable), make 
sure we're all packed, and head out.

-  Andrew, Dean, and Jenner (and maybe Glenn?) head out to the Troutdale 
airport, meet Teresa, and get all the equipment 
situated in the plane.

- John, Kenny, and others head out to Rocky Butte and get set up. Andrew and 
whoever else join them hopefully before takeoff.

4) Lift off at 11am unless we coordinate it earlier.

- Plane/ground communications: We'll try our standard 2m band (146.43 MHz) for 
communication to the plane, but that might 
(probably?) won't work because of noise, distance, Aluminum fuselages and 
whatnot. Backup plan is SMS. Backup-backup plan is 
to not be able to communicate :)

5) The plane flies pasts Mt. St. Helens and then back, streaming packets the 
whole way.

6) Rocky Butte tries to track, using both the helical ("top hat") antenna and 
the BBQ grill if the top hat fails. 
Occasionally we pull GPS packets from the data stream in order to get the 
plane's curent position, so we can adjust tracking 
angle as necessary.

7) We all meet back in the rocket room after the test is done (hopefully around 
2? 3?). Someone said something about this 
sports game on TV that starts in the afternoon? So apparently we should try and 
be done before then ;)

If you have any questions, email me or call me at 503-708-7711.

Thanks, see you tomorrow!


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