I was pointed to this project the other day by Alexandru Csete, a somewhat
well known HAM radio person in Denmark.


He's been working with Copenhagen Suborbitals for a while (of course) and
he published their radio telemetry work. For once, it's an open source
aerospace project that is _actually_ open source. Datasheets, eagle files,
firmware and client software are all there. Check out other space programs
using github(!)

It's based around an Analog Devices ADF7242 802.15.4 transmitter at 2.4 GHz
and a PIC24.

The ground station is a USRP software defined radio setup (with GNU Radio).

Apparently it can go up to 2 Mbit/s but I don't know if that's what they
actually get in the air.

It seems like the difference in plans of attack are:

 - PSAS: COTS radio hardware, custom drivers/software to get around 802.11
 - CS: custom hardware, SDR ground station, but does exactly what you want.

Anyway that's about all I know, just passing it along.

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