I just spoke with Spencer Webb at AntennaSys, the consultant that helped
us design our cylindrical patch antennas (CPAs). I'm working with him on
another project, and we got talking rockets, and next generation CPAs,
and he has a lot to say on the matter. Briefly:

1) We should stop trying to make circularly polarization arrays work,
they won't work reliably for us because of phase smearing around the
rocket. He even went as far as calling us something like "whiny circular
phase groupies", which I thought was *remarkably* accurate.

2) The center "feed network" board orthogonal to the patch in the middle
of the rocket is a good idea, and gives a lot of flexibility on the patch.

3) Putting the antennas inside a composite airframe chunk is
interesting, and should totally work. The real question is how do you do
it so that your airframe doesn't suck when you're done.

Because all of these are long discussions, I've roped him into an hour
long goto meeting on Friday April 18th from 2:00pm - 3:00pm. I'm hoping
that at least Glenn and Jenner can be there: anyone else interested in
antenna design should be there, too!


Andrew Greenberg

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