Hi everyone,

Two quick updates:

Theo and Nathan fixed a slew of firmware/software issues, so we are
officially ready for the drop tower high-g test this Friday, assuming
the drop tower folks are around. We have a bunch of beautiful data on
the power we consume, and battery voltages and currents and whatnot...
it's really, really awesome to finally have this all working.

Gavin wrote, in less than like two hours, a full GUI/Labjack application
that runs the CE hydraulic crusher. We ran it this morning, and it
shockingly just worked. Of course, it's terrifyingly powerful and
weirdly configured (Ground is center and +5 is *down*!) but it works.
The ME capstone will be crushing full size modules in the next day or so.

Finally, hack day Friday where we plan on dropping the avionics system
in the PSU drop tower. Wish us luck!


Andrew Greenberg

Portland State Aerospace Society (http://psas.pdx.edu/)
and...@psas.pdx.edu  C: 503.708.7711

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