### GPS

The GPS board works-sh! There was a lot of shorts we cleaned up on the
LQFP and the various QFNs. Then we found out that the supply output
Tantalum cap was reversed and was shorting the SPS. We removed that and
replaced it with the something vaguely equivalent. Then we switched
around some LEDs that were backwards, and now it seems to work. Theo and
K even programmed it with Chibios and blinky RGB LEDs and everything. No
Ethernet yet, but we're working on it.

### WiFi

The adorable right angle pigtails we purchased for the WiFi PA totally
don't fit. They're too tall to fit in the "RF channel" by about 2 mm. :(
We have two options: replace the SMT SMA connectors on the PA with right
angle ones, or we ditch the 2.5 mm black anodized carrier and put the
PCB right on the C channel. We've asked RFLinx, the maker of the PA, for
a drawing of the PCB holes. If we get that, then I'm voting for the
latter. Less weight, too!


Andrew Greenberg

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