The new WiFi carrier board and WiFi power amplifiers are now attached
and seem to be working. We'll have to do some actual RF power
measurements on the PA this coming week, but everything seems sane.

Also, we're now starting to make real progress on the GPS board. We
spent *hours* slogging through the MAX2769's terrible documentation, and
mostly figured it out. Sent mail to Maxim support for a bunch of stuff,
and amazingly heard back on this today: we were right, you can't read
the MAX's data registered, only write to them. :(

> | Staff Comment                           2014-06-15 20:51:32 PST
> | By: zhi w
> |
> | Hello Andrew,
> |
> | Thank you for your email!
> |
> | You are right. MAX2769 only has the Data Digital Input. We can
> | not read out the data in the internal registers. If you want to
> | check the Reference Clock Output (CLKOUT) to confirm if SPI works
> | well.
> |
> | Regards
> | Maxim Application
> |

Once we get Jeremy's new RF bulkhead plates on Monday, we'll be able to
officially wrap up the entire WiFi hardware subsystem.


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