Hey! I always mean to send an update of what happened during the latest
hack day, and then never do, because we're always rushing out the door.
Things are getting done left and right, so instead of what happened
yesterday, here's a quick status update:


Flight computer: We swapped out the old Adventech Atom-based PCI-104
module with the new one. The old one was dropping USB connections left
and right. We've tried fixing it to no avail - we think it's probably a
lifted ball, which we can't reliably fix. We may try to reflow the Atom
BGA in the future when we have more time. In the mean time, the new one
works fine, but we have no good backup.

Rocketnet Hub: Both rocketnet hubs are ready for flight, with firmware
done. Kenny did the modifications, and he did an elegant hack on  the
umbilical connector so we now have a real launch detect (well, more
exactly, an umbilical connected sense line).

Battery Board and pack: We have one complete, tested, and working pack
and board. The pack we put together had large cell differences, and the
charge balancing was working too slowly, so we hand balanced them
yesterday and all cells are now within 50 mV of each other. We have
enough cells and spare batteries boards to make a backup pack, which
will be a low priority task before launch.

Umbilical cable: We've finally moved to the 8 pin umbilical cable. Gavin
finished the rocket cart's debug cable, which works like a charm.
Waiting for an OSH Park run for the flight umbilical, since the launch
detect board requires a modified umbilical (18 pin) rocketnet connector.

IMU board: Done as far as we know, including firmware. No backup.

Roll Control board: Done as far as we know, including firmware. No backup.

WiFi: Done as far as we know. Backups of everything except the 2.4 GHz
power amp.

Raspberry Pi video: The v1 carrier and PCB worked, but didn't have the
correct hole placement and the 3D printed carrier was huge. Jeremy
re-measured the holes and connector placement, and redesigned the
carrier. The new carrier has been printed, and the PCB is being sent off
to OSH Park this weekend. We still don't have firmware that responds to
IP commands and streams video. We have spare RPi boards and cameras
available, if someone would like to take this on!

GPS: None of our GPS splitters will fit in the C channel section, so
we're purchasing a new tiny splitter for $200. :( The Hemisphere GPS's
new carrier board is being sent to OSH Park this weekend, and the
various RG316 cables still need to be made. That said, all of this looks
like it'll be mostly done in 1.5 weeks. The Jenner GPS is up and running
over Ethernet, but we're having a lot of problems getting the MAX2769 to
respond to SPI commands.


Hack day tomorrow, noon to 5pm or so. On the agenda:

- STM32 firmware to get the MAX2769 to sit up and bark.
- Cleanup and reinstall the battery.
- New umbilical cable
- Umbilical cable connection to the LTC
- Send off all OSH Park boards.


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