Missing a few components:

Q1 - NTR4101P from the Tova library
D2 - (maybe an LED would work?)
L3 - HF70ACC201209-T
LED3 - RGB from the Tova library
J1 - .05" 2x5 JTAG header, should be in the components box, connector bag
J2 - edge-mount SMA, either RF box or components box

The following values in Eagle don't match parts.  They are for toning down
LED3.  I'm not sure if the components box will have these in 0402.
R38 - 400 ohm
R39 - 110 ohm
R40 - 900 ohm

There were two different options for the STM32, so I went with the newer
one (STM32F407VGT6 instead of STM32F407VET6).  I stuffed C25 and C62 with
10v 100nF caps even though Eagle says they should be 50v.  Since I won't
be here Tuesday, everything will be in the EPL PSAS locker after my lab
hours Sunday.  If anyone can get the remaining parts to the EPL by 2pm
Sunday, I should be able to get it all finished then.


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