The Launch Tower Computer III (LTC3) team has begun work on a design
doc.  To get the ball rolling, I'd like to hear what people do and do
not like about the current launch tower computer (LTC2).  Note that
we're talking strictly about the hardware (the SBC and its

A very brief starter list (feel free to mangle):


* Powerful (for our purposes) off-the-shelf SBC.

* Most I/O travels over USB.  Software development
  does not require an identical SBC, but rather can take place on any
  system equipped with USB and a comparable Phidgets kit.


* Most I/O travels over USB.  Not-so-robust connectors; bulky cables.

* Phidgets.  Expensive, fiddly, and require their own interface board
  Their software stack is thick and troublesome to install.

* So many cables and wires...  The insides of the enclosure are quite

Paul Mullen

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