First pass comments/questions:

Sheet 2:
Question not answered about Analog ground
   On sheet 4 AGND is used with the 2.85VA supply, so yes?

Sheet 4:
TODO note on sheet 4
   I'd like to use MAX Clockout how much time
   delay in U5? Probably not significant unless it creates
   a hold time issue with Ix/Qx data...

CPLD VDDIO(1,2) are at 3.3v, but MAX is 2.85V I/O?
        Is this a mismatch?

Sheet 6:
Consider changing VSSA connect to AGND?

GTG, I'll try to look more later. Nice work!


On 03/25/2015 05:51 PM, Andrew Greenberg wrote:
>> Can we do a design review on Tuesday?
> We can, but honestly I'd like to fire it off before then. That said, if
> I hear nothing but crickets I'll wait until Tuesday.
> Andrew

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