Thanks for the updates Aaron,

On the topic of battery pack configurations, I made numbers go up:

The interesting columns have colors.

The problem with 4s2p pack configuration is that the pack pairs cells
internally.  Meaning if one cell in a pack begins to fail, it takes a
second cell with it and there is no way to independently cell balance.
This being said, if it is a good cost per cell, we can still tear the
pack open and reconfigure 4s2p to 8s1p.  Running packs in parallel is
not a problem because we can isolate balancing systems as long as we
have leads for each individual cell.

If we end up cracking packs open, we may as well consider starting with
bare cells.  Does anyone know where to find >= 6.7 Ah cells for a
reasonable price?  An 8s2p final configuration of 6.7 Ah cells would get
us into our 4 hours.

For fun, I tossed in a couple SLA configurations and was surprised to
find that we can hit our 4 hour mark with 26.2 lbs of SLA batteries at


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