We broke so many things today!

* No cargo vans were injured in today's testing.
  + 47.5" max vertical door clearance means we should aim for all mobile
carts/tables/etc to be 45" or shorter.  This will take a little
reconfiguring of the FDT but should work for everything else.
  + Van storage options, insurance and maintenance considerations will
be investigated before accepting Jamey's generous offer.

* RF test with FDT on the EB 5th floor and the rocket cart with LTC and
flight stack across the street in the parking lot.
  + LTC failures
    - RF connections between Alpha and external antenna attenuate signal
more than desired.  The broken N connector should probably actually be
    - The Alpha and/or BBB sporadically fail at networking.  We probably
want to replace the Alpha with another "red card" like the ones we are
using on the TM3K and rocket.
    - Phidgets web service crashed and needed to be reset a few times.
A self-healing monitor here would be great.
  + The new Ubiquiti Bullet seemed to perform well but the tower-link
was poor due to the low quality omni-directional monopole we were using
at the LTC.  Future tests should have directional antennas at both ends
of the tower-link, when Dave is done with the other helical.
  + TM3K failures
    - BBB power connection is flaky
    - WiFi Amp seems to be broken.  All attempts to connect to the FC
while the Amp was inline failed.  The NUC sitting behind various metal
objects was able to connect to the FC Ad-hoc while the TM3K couldn't see
    - Aiming with tables and chairs during testing is a hassle.  We want
Gavin to integrate TM3K components into a single module that can sit on
a tripod or snap onto the shoulder-mount targeting system.
  + Old COTS GPS eventually managed to lock using the COTS passive GPS
antenna but not our recently repaired GPS circular patch antenna that
flys on the rocket.  New GPS v3 system has previously been able to get a
lock with the circular patch antenna, but not while WiFi is powered up.
More testing required as jGPSv3 stability improves.

* FDT issues
  + Mobile power is still in progress.  Gavin built a cool power box
that needs to be installed somewhere on the table and wired up.
  + Articulating monitor stands to make the table compatible with a
cargo van are under investigation.  Modifying existing monitors for VESA
mount compatibility would be required unless we can acquire better
  + NUC is still doing software rendering which consumes 100% of one
core while the two screens are mostly idle.  Displaying a video stream
consumes most of both cores.
  + Antenna mounting stuff still in progress by Dave.

* Back in the rocket room
  + RNH code updated to (hopefully) resolve crashes.  Theo found an I2C
quirk in Chibios where a bus timeout results in locking the bus.  Please
let Theo know if you see any RNH crashes.
  + LTC BBB fails at Ethernet.  This seemed like a first.  We could
wirelessly connect to the BBB and it reported good network status but 0
packets transfered.  Something network related was borked and was not
fixed by a reboot command.  Holding the reset button for a few seconds
brought it back up in good working order.  Wonky Ethernet PHY on the
BBB?  Or maybe just a driver issue.  We did an apt-get upgrade after
fixing apt sources.  Updates went smoothly but it is still back on
Debian wheezy.
  + TM3K went home with Gavin so we won't have a route for telemetry or
picam1 for a couple days.

So!  We did eventually see a GPS lock and get all systems working long
enough to do all of the desired tests.  Today was great for finding lots
of issues that we can triage.  Resolving even half of these issues will
make launch go much more smoothly.

If you saw or did something cool and rocket related today, please share!


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