* Gavin showed off the sleek new tm3k refactor, now known as tm4k.
* Andrew mounted jGPSv3 to the flight stack for more real-world testing.
* Kenny replaced the LTC Alpha WiFi with a "red card" like we use
everywhere else.  (And blew up a spare with reverse voltage.  Ooops.)
* Devin and Glenn tested a bunch of our RF cables with the VNA.
* Glenn painstakingly polished the flight stack rail end-caps which
create RF shielding for the GPS and WiFi sections.  Rust is bad, Glenn
is good.
* Tm4k WiFi amp was sent home with Devin for diagnosis.
* Theo and Nathan schemed, hacked and conspired on all manner of
interesting things, including COTS GPS streaming and visualization.
* We watched in awe as video streaming came up with ease and has
shockingly low latency across tm4k link.  Nice work on the scripts
* Full network path testing in the rocket room with tm4k and LTC updates
went smoothly after appropriate WiFi kernel modules were auto-loaded.

Near-future work:
* FDT polishing to make it travel-ready will begin Sunday.
* Do something cool with the Vector Signal Generator while we have it.
* Remaining jGPSv3 boards will be built after Venus 8 chips arrive next

As usual, there was cool stuff happening while I was zoning out, so the
above list is incomplete.  Please add your cool projects and

On Fri, 2015-06-12 at 12:51 -0700, Andrew Greenberg wrote: 
> Hey! We're running a bit late today. Starting the hack day at 1:30pm,
> meet in the rocket room.
> On the agenda:
> - Use Our Shiny New Tool - a R&S SMW200A vector signal generator which
> we have to give back on Wednesday - to simulate some GPS satellites and
> do some sanity checking on the jGPS.
> - Decide if we're going to stuff the other two jGPS boards. We won't get
> the Venus838 receivers until *next* week :(
> - Hook up the jGPS to the avionics system to get data flow through the
> system, get Telemetry to show us Venus info.
> - Gavin is going to try and show up with the TM*4*K later in the
> afternoon, so we'll integrate that as well.
> See you then,
> Andrew

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