Another busy Tuesday down.  Only four left until launch!

* The Flight Director Table returned from its adventures to the
Gavin-shop.  It is looking great!  VESA mount adapters for our monitors
are on order.
* Electronics were installed on the FDT with a first pass at cable
* New repo was created for camera-automation and some picam scripts were
fiddled with.
* Both FDT and rocket table were rolled outside on battery power for GPS
and communication testing.
* jGPSv3 now streams data for both GPS receivers concurrently to the FC
* Verified that the COTS GPS can get a position lock through the
cylindrical patch antenna while the WiFi power amp is on.
* jGPSv3 power-on issues related to Vcc ramp time, reset delay and
clocks were identified.
  - Venus needs to be held in reset longer for Vcc to ramp up to a
stable level.
  - STM32 doesn't like switching to external clocks before they are
stable.  Low temperature environment seems to reproduce failures nicely.
* Rocket Net Hub crashes were observed but we couldn't figure out how to
reproduce them for debugging.
* LTC BBB crashed a couple times but came back up with reset button
* LTC development WiFi antenna connection issues were resolved by a
terrible string of adapters.  Does anyone have a male N to female SMA

Don't forget, integration day this Sunday at Dave's house!  For the
uninitiated, this is where we set up pretty much everything to make sure
it works, we have all the parts and we mostly understand how to use


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