Hey everyone,

Glenn added a reflectometer to the LGR, and in doing so, he introduced a
bunch of 0402 components to an existing 0603 board. I've been itching to
move to 0402 just because it gives so much more room for routing, and
it's something I think we should move towards, especially for future
boards. The SDR GPS boards, for example, already use mostly 0402.

Any strong opinions? It'll take about 20 minutes to switch the whole
board to 0402, I'm tempted. Any strong reasons not to, and make that our

- Way better passives packing for future boards
- Vaguely better RF performance, maybe
- Standardizes on a single size to have around

- Harder to hand place, but definitely doable.

Would love to hear thoughts!


Andrew Greenberg

Electrical and Computer Engineering
Portland State University
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